The Lego Movie Review (Spoiler Free!)

Late to the party of joining everyone and their praise of this one but here it is, my review of the AWESOME Lego Movie.


The Lego Movie is about Emmet Brickowski (voiced by Chris Pratt) who is a normal every day Lego contruction worker.  He follows the literal instructions on how to live your day, every day, and is happy doing so.

The Lego city’s leader, Lord/President Business (Will Ferrell) is the one who is handing out these instructions that include: listening to the same repetitive pop song over and over, watching the same TV show that everyone else watches and basically just following the same routine as the entire population.

The adventure begins when a figure named Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks) appears looking for a mysterious “Piece of Resistance” and when Emmet accidentally stumbles upon it, he learns of “The Prophecy” and how he is “The Special” destined to save the universe from the evil Lord Business.

The story is nothing new but the animation, wide cast of voice actors and clever writing all lift this movie into something that is very, very special.

Rounding out the cast of main characters is Unikitty (Alison Brie), Batman (Will Arnett), Benny (Charlie Day), Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman), Good Cop/Bad Cop (Liam Neeson) and a hilarious pirate named Metal Beard (Nick Offerman).

These aren’t the only characters though. 

Part of the fun is spotting characters from all different kinds of movies, TV shows, comics and sports. None of which I will spoil here! 

I can guarantee everyone will walk away with a different favourite character. 

Getting to what makes this movie so special is the core message it’s trying to get across to kids.

It’s all about the power of imagination and the impact it can have on the people around you.  It inspires you to inspire others and it’s something you don’t see a lot of these days.

This goes hand-in-hand with the beginning where you clearly see that this Lego city is reflection of our own society.

How a majority of the population doesn’t try to do something of their own and just follows what society tells them too.  The whole population of the city doesn’t bother to create, only follow and the way the movie portrays Emmet as a character who could be anybody, I hope it resonates with kids that no matter what the world tells you, you can create whatever you can think of and inspire others to create as well. 

And isn’t that what Lego is about?

I can’t forget to mention the incredible action scenes.

When things blow up, every particle of smoke is a Lego brick.  When they are sailing on the water, every drop is a Lego brick.  The animators truly outdid themselves with this one and there isn’t enough praise I can give out.

The third act does tend to feel a little too long but you forgive it quickly because of the heart of the story and how far you’ve come with these loveable characters already.

No matter what age or how bitter you are towards fun, go out and see this movie, you might feel a little creative after.


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